Yoshiki & Scorpions

Wind of Change 2020

Source: Manfred Nikitser
  • Client: Scorpions
  • Year: 2020
  • Location : Hannover & Los Angeles
  • Production Director: Olaf Schröter
  • Production Manager: Roland Beckerle
  • Lighting Designer : Manfred Nikitser

This special video shoot was a collaboration between Scorpions and Japanese superstar Yoshiki. His new arrangement of “Wind of Chang” was performed by the band in their studio in Hannover, while Yoshiki played the same song in Los Angeles. As a sign of hope amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Scorpions wanted to perform a concert from their home to the homes of their fans.

The lighting design approach was to fuse the analogicity of the recording studio space with the modern sound of the e-guitars. The small, enclosed room was given a certain depth and cozy feeling without using lighting as a main characteristic.

The video has yet to be streamed. Stay tuned!

Source: Manfred Nikitser
Source: Manfred Nikitser
Source: Manfred Nikitser