New Year's Eve 2019

Burj Khalifa

Source: Jack Langer
  • Client: Jerry Appelt Lichtdesign
  • Year: 2019
  • Ort: Dubai
  • Produzent: A&O Creative
  • Lichtdesigner: Jerry Appelt
  • Associate Lichtdesigner: Manfred Nikitser
  • Laserdesign: Laserfabrik GmbH
  • Video Content Design: Fgreat
  • Pyrotechnik: Groupe F

Based on the success of “Light Up 2018”, the multimedia show at Burj Khalifa became part of Dubai’s New Year’s celebration once again.

This time the show included fireworks. The lighting and laser design was adjusted to create a new highlight experience in combination with the pyrotechnics. The new designs made space for the fireworks in between the 99 lighting fixtures, which were portioned into groups of nine on the sides of the tower. This arrangement had an impact on the subsequent six shows which no longer included pyrotechnic displays. The positioning of the lamps nevertheless created an iconic look that was repeated in the New Year’s show that welcomed 2021.

Source: Jack Langer
Source: Jack Langer
Source: Jack Langer
Source: Jack Langer