Innovation meets precision: An overview

Manfred Nikitser Show Lighting offers production designs, lighting designs, lighting direction, video operating, pre-production and technical direction as individual services or as a full package for any type of show. The quality standards of each service are defined by creative innovation and precise technical planning within the given parameters of timing and budget. 

  • Production Design

    We translate our clients’ visions into creative, sophisticated, and well-engineered production designs – some of which have been built in more than thirty countries on five continents. We can turn any idea into a design from the ground up. Alternately, if a concept already exists, we can expand on this base with our innovative visual input. We have a track record of delivering on time and within the existing budget, and love the challenge of making any design work in any location in the world.

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  • Lighting Design

    Manfred Nikitser has an extensive repertoire of experience in the field of live productions, television broadcasts, musical theater, corporate events, architectural installations, and nearly everything in between. Understanding the stage architecture and choosing and arranging the right lighting fixtures are the essential first steps to capture the right mood for the right look. All lighting designs are guaranteed to work for a live audience as well as for the camera lens.

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  • Lighting Direction

    Whether directing own lighting designs or the work of colleagues, the team behind Manfred Nikitser Show Lighting fully understands how to create strong emotions through the precise interpretation of lighting, colors, and musicality. Our experience in programming and operating complex shows spans two decades – and a lot of hardware!

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  • Video Operating

    We offer video operating and screen direction for any type of show production. Our detailed technical knowledge of media servers and video technology have proven to be valuable assets in order to combine all elements of lighting and video into one homogeneous look. This is especially the case for live concert touring productions where we enhance camera images by adorning them with visual effects on screen.

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  • Pre-Production

    Every production begins in the studio. Therefore, we provide pre-programming services for lighting and video content as well as 3D visualizations for different designs and demands. Whether our client requires a video, an image, a mood board, a technical plot or a written concept – we provide all of these fundamental components that help visualize ideas and concepts. As the project begins to take shape, our clients also make use of our technical direction and personal consultation for the next steps.

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  • Technical Direction

    We provide the best possible support and planning in advance as well as excellent technical and personal guidance on site. Every client can rely on receiving superb consultation regarding technical possibilities, timeframes, and budget, giving them the time to concentrate on other important aspects of the production. While our expertise lies in the visual and physical realm of concert touring, our overall technical awareness includes all areas of live show production, which is essential for the creation of our designs.

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