Musicalstars im Steinbruch

The Grand Show

Source: Emmerich Mädl
  • Client: I&P Tomorrow GmbH
  • Year: 2022
  • Location: Römersteinbruch St. Margarethen
  • Producers: Ingrid Puschautz-Meidl & Peter Altmann
  • Artistic Director: Peter Altmann
  • Musical Director: Herbert Pichler
  • Stage & Lighting Design: Manfred Nikitser
  • Video Content Design: Peter Altmann & Marissa Munderloh
  • Choreography: Giulio Benvenuti
  • Costume Design: Niko Niko
  • Lighting Director & Video Operator: Emanuel Jörgner

In 2022, the Grand Show was themed “with the power of love” and comprised a variety of famous world hits from international musicals. The singers – Ana Milva Gomes, Mark Seibert, Maya Hakvoort, Missy May, Roberta Valentini, Tertia Botha and Drew Sarich – were accompanied by an 8-strong dance ensemble, who transformed the entire production into an energetic revue show. The choreography was created by Giulio Benvenuti. Due to the larger and diverse show ensemble, a new stage design was created for this production, as well. Two levels with two different access areas to the stage visually underlined the size of the show, as the dancers and singers were able to perform both in front of and above the live band.

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Source: Emmerich Mädl
Source: ORF
Source: Emmerich Mädl
Source: Emmerich Mädl