Crazy World Tour

  • Client: Scorpions
  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Production Director: Olaf Schröter
  • Production Manager: Roland Beckerle
  • Lighting Designer: Manfred Nikitser

After only a 6-month break, the Scorpions hit the road again. For this new world tour, the set and lighting design of the previous “50 Year Anniversary” tour was remodeled. The new zig-zag shaped stage set not only enhanced the stage architecture but also enabled the use of video content in a 3D perspective. Furthermore, the acoustic set for the b-stage was redesigned to create a small, separate stage with more intimate look and feel. Scorpions played some of their biggest hits in this unplugged setting.

The new lighting design still had to be flexible, as all its technical aspects were dependent on the deliverables of the local vendors in each country. The only touring component for this world tour was the stage set together with the backline and a few analogue fixtures for the acoustic set.