Pecoraro & Pecoraro


Source: Jack Langer
  • Client: Pecoraro Arts & Entertainment GmbH
  • Year: 2016
  • Location : Vienna
  • Camera Director: Peter Schröder
  • Lighting and Set Designer : Manfred Nikitser

The duo “Pecoraro & Pecoraro” consists of former Vienna State Opera tenor singer Herwig Pecoraro and his son, composer and singer Mario Pecoraro. Their shows combine pop songs with classical pieces.

The 2016 TV production of their show was accompanied by a live orchestra and choir.
To accommodate the orchestra visually, a large stage set was adorned with a unique masking fabric. Its pattern created the defining aesthetic that became the main feature of his production design.

The entire production had a very short time frame for its set-up, rehearsal and recording. Precise pre-production and technical direction were absolutely necessary for its realization and success.

Source: Jack Langer
Source: Jack Langer
Source: Jack Langer
Source: Jack Langer