Best of Austria meets Classic

Wiener Stadthalle 2018

Source: Jack Langer
  • Client: SPG System Provider Production Group GmbH
  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Vienna
  • Producer: Show Factory
  • Camera Director: Martin Rothmeyer (ORF)
  • Music Director: Christian Kolonovits
  • Production Designer: Manfred Nikitser

This concert brought together Austro-pop legends who performed their hits to classical music played live by an orchestra. The concert took place in the stronghold of all Austrian venues – the “Wiener Stadthalle”. It was also aired on national television in celebration of the venue’s 60-year anniversary.

All songs were specifically re-arranged for this show by Austrian composer, conductor and music producer Christian Kolonovits. Some songs were also accompanied by a live choir on stage. In order to perform great hits by artists who had already passed away, songs were rearranged as duets. These were visualised on screen through combining camera images of the live singer on stage with previous video recordings of the original performer.